"The host families are carefully selected by our local partner and meet strict requirements."


Director Fairaway

Host families

During the trips we spend several nights with local host families in groups of 2 - 3 participants. Housing varies from simple bricks houses with corrugated roofs (Tanzania) to clay shacks with straw roofs (Ghana). Some houses do not have access to electricity and running water. Showering is done with a bucket of water, and the toilet is usually just a hole in the ground. So, we’re going back to basic, but this makes a Fairaway trip an unforgettable experience.

All host families are personally known by our local partner and visited before every trip. We have clear agreements with all host families. In addition, extra safety measure are of course taken when necessary, like sleeping under a mosquito net.

Food and drinks

In order to minimise the risk of disease, hygienic cooking is very important. We prefer the usage of bottled or boiled water. All vegetables and fruits will be peeled and/or cooked.


In our host countries we make use of reliable vans as a means of transportation. These vans are operated by experienced drivers with a valid license. Generally we do not travel when it’s dark outside. When we travel by public transport, we always choose to travel with safe tourist buses.

"We work with a professional experienced team of travel guides."


Coordinator Fairaway

Travel guides

Every trip is accompanied by 1-2 experienced travel guides. They have travelled to developing countries before and are familiar with accompanying groups of young people. They are extensively briefed before every trip to make sure they are travelling well prepared.

Local guides

On site, we tour with local guides, who are familiar with the environment and population. Our slum tour in Kibera, Kenya, for example, is guided by several young men who grew up in the area and are familiar with the slum and its population. They have a good sense of what we can and cannot do. Also, they can translate from local languages to English.


Communication between participants and their family back home is of great importance to us, both before and during the trip. We always start with a preparation day where participants and their parents have the chance to receive extensive information and get to know each other. During the trip a daily travel update is posted to our website.

Would you like to know more about safety during the trips? Have a look at our frequently asked questions, where you can request a call back or contact us yourself. If wanted, we can visit you at home to answer all questions you and your parents might have.  

"I am happy my son had the opportunity to experience this!"



Experience of a lifetime!

“When my son told me that he wanted to go abroad, I didn’t hesitate for long. By letting him go on this trip, I wanted to provide him with the experience of a lifetime. I also believed that this would help him create an image of what he wants to do when he’s older.

Thanks to a good and reassuring preparation, I felt comfortable with letting my son come along. The daily travel update was also very welcome. This way you really have the chance to sympathise with the group and all their adventures. I think you did an amazing job and I am happy my son has been able to experience this!”

- Anita, participant’s mom