"We are happy to help you find funding opportunities, to make sure as many students as possible get a chance to go abroad with us. "


Director Fairaway

Customised trips

You can decide the most desirable week, that suits your school year best. In addition, you can determine the size of the group, ranging from 8 to 20 people. The travel programme will be full of educational excursions and activities. It is also possible to adjust these to school objectives and students’ competences. Below are some examples of several activities for different fields of study.

Economics, International Business. Trade: Visiting young entrepreneurs who have started their business with the help of microcredit loans, taking a look at the processes of dumping old electronics and chicken leftovers.

Health care and welfare: Visiting a primary and secondary school, a local medical clinic or hospital, making a tour through a Kenyan slum.

Agricultural studies: Visiting a Fair Trade coffee plantation in Tanzania, helping out on a farm in Nepal, spotting protected rhinos and tigers in Nepal.

Sustainable tourism: Investigating Kilimanjaro tourism, visiting an eco-lodge in a national park.

Social studies, global citizenship: Spending a few nights with locals, experiencing a cultural exchange in terms of music, language, dancing, cooking, sports etc.

All trips are completely organised by us. On the preparation day we will discuss the entire travel programme with both participants and parents, including all do’s and don’ts. Fairaway will provide 2 experienced travel guides for the trip, and there is the option to bring along 1 or 2 teachers. Our guides are constantly around and available 24/7. Locally, we are accompanied by guides that know the environment and population well. A daily travel update is provided to ensure frequent communication with parents.

Prices for school trips are dependent on the destination, travel programme and group size. These prices start from €1.695 per person.

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"Challenging, wonderful, confronting and especially informative for our students."


Teacher Mavo Muurhuizen Amersfoort, The Nethelands

Highly recommended

“As a geography teacher, I really wanted to introduce the students to the world outside Europe. This was an outstanding success! Themes that students normally examine in class, were suddenly right in front of them. No book or video can top that.
What I also found really good as a teacher, is that our trip with Fairaway was clearly off the beaten track. This made it all extra impressive and educational.”

- Astrid, geography teacher

"First we were a little nervous, but on day 1 this changed into a proud feeling for his choice for Fairaway! We were looking forward to the reports, to be part of the trip!"


Mother of Jort


Ghana 2019
Rivers International School | Arnhem, The Netherlands
Jordy van Kollenburg

Kenya and Tanzania since 2018
Mavo Muurhuizen | Amersfoort, The Netherlands
Lars Blok

Kenya and Tanzania since 2018
Scala College | Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands
Astrid Klijmij

Tanzania 2017
Hogeschool InHolland | Haarlem, The Netherlands
Iris Hes – Ter Telgte