"By arranging for the local population to be our driver, cook, guide or host family, they can earn some extra money."


travel guide Fairaway

Price Structure

Fairaway is part of a foundation. We do not organise these trips to make money out of it, but to give as many youngsters as possible the opportunity to experience a developing country for themselves. Therefore, we try to keep the price as low as possible. Unfortunately, certain things don’t come cheap. The plane ticket makes up about 40% of the price generally. A second large expense is organisation and 24/7 guidance by experienced travel guides: about 30% of the price. Transportation, accommodation, food and drink comes to about 20% of the price. The last 10% goes to excursions, such as a safari. 

"I have made friends I will never forget. We had so much fun together!"

Joep (14)

Participant Tanzania and Kenya

How can I gather money for ther trip?

The amount seems enormous, especially when you are still young and do not earn a lot of money yet. But there are all kinds of smart ways to quickly save a large sum. Below you can find just a few ways in which previous participants have gathered the money they needed: 
Sell old stuff 
Ask your parents, aunts and uncles if you can clear out their attic and sell all the things they no longer want on Marktplaats or at a flea market on King’s Day. That can easily earn you hundreds of euros! 
Sinterklaas, christmas or birthday
Instead of asking for gifts, ask for money for your trip. 
Part-time job
Take on a part-time job. Working for a few hours a week for a couple of months will earn you quite a bit of money! 
Sponsored dinner
Cook a lovely meal for your family, friends and neighbours. Let them all pay a fair amount. If they were to go to a restaurant, they would also be spending this kind of money!