"This is something you have to do once in your life. It was amazing!"

Anouk (17)


The countries

Tanzania and Kenya are located on the east coast of Africa. Tanzania is 23 times the size of The Netherlands and has 57 million inhabitants. Kenya is 14 times the size of the Netherlands and has 49 million inhabitants. English is the official language in both countries.

The countries both have greatly varying landscapes: beautiful beaches, vast savannahs, great nature parks and high mountains. The population and cultures are also very diverse. One thing the people all have in common is their hospitality: everywhere you go, you are greeted with a kind “Karibu!” (=Welcome).


"Totally different from your normal holiday because you are staying with people at home."

Tess (14)


The travel itinerary

The trip to Tanzania/Kenya takes 9 days and takes place during the school holidays. Below you can read which actitivites we will do during each day. The itinerary is object to change and can change for every trip.
Day 1
We fly out from an airport in the Netherlands, Belgium or the German Ruhr area. The flight to Kenya takes about 12 hours, depending on the airline. We’ll arrive in the Kenyan capital Nairobi in the middle of the night. At dawn we’ll drive to Tarakea in Tanzania.

Day 2
We meet our host families at the houses where we’ll stay with two or three people. After a joint lunch we’ll get a tour of the town Tarakea, located at the foot of the highest mountain of Africa, the Kilimanjaro.Today we will learn our first words in Swahili. We will sleep at our host families for the first time
Day 3
In the morning we’ll help our host families with their daily activities. Afterwards, we’ll visit a school and play a soccer match against local youth: a real interland between Tanzania and the Netherlands!
Day 4
The day starts with a scavenger hunt on the market, where we’ll get the groceries for a cooking lesson of local Tanzanian dishes. After lunch we’ll visit the local clinic to see differences between the health care in the Netherlands and Tanzania. In the evening, we’ll get a dance class, the Qwaito, during the goodbye party.
Day 5
We’ll leave Tarakea this morning and go to Moshi, close to the Kenyan border, for a visit of a fair trade coffee farm. Here you’ll discover where (fair) coffee comes from. Afterwards we'll cycle to a local village and stay the night at a back-to-basic village. 
Day 6
Today we'll help our host families on the land, in and around the house with their daily activities. We'll cycle back to Moshi and in the afternoon we’ll dive into the beautiful Kikuletwa Hotsprings.
Day 7
This is the day we have to say goodbye to our host families and leave for Kenya. In the afternoon we’ll get a tour through Kibera, one of the largest slums of Africa. We’ll have guides who grew up in this slum and know their way around!
Day 8
We’ll go on a jeep safari in Nairobi National Park. We’ll see elephants, giraffes and hopefully also ‘the king of the jungle’: the lion! In the afternoon we’ll discover other cultures of Kenya.
Day 9
Filled with impressions and new experiences we’ll arrive in the Netherlands to tell our parents, brothers, sisters and friends all about our unforgettable trip!

"I sold old things from my aunts and uncles garage through 'Marktplaats' to get the money together. You have to be creative!"

Robbie (16)


What does the trip cost?

The standard price of the 9-day trip to Tanzania/Kenya is €1.795, unless indicated otherwise. This price includes:

  • The ticket
  • 24/7 guidance
  • Local transportation
  • Overnight stays
  • 3 meals a day
  • Excursions and activities

What you have to take care of yourself:

  • Visa
  • Travel insurance
  • Vaccinations and medication
  • Personal expenses

Fairaway is part of a foundation. This means we don't strive for profit.

We try to keep the price as low as possible, to allow as many young people as possible to join our trips. But tickets, 24/7 guidance, activities, etcetera do cost money.

You can see how the price of the trip is established here.

"The host family took care of us as if we were their own children!"

Chayenne (18)


Host families

During the trip you’ll stay at one of our host families. This way, you’ll experience ‘the real life’ in Tanzania: from waking up to the sound of grunting pigs and ‘taking a shower’ with a bucket of hot water to dancing with the children of the host families in the evening.

  • Beatrice Mlay (25)

    When you visit Beatrice, there is always something happening. Her sister is hanging laundry, the children are playing and her dad, a lumberjack, is putting together a stool. A nice and cosy stay!

  • Beatrice Shirima (26)

    Beatrice is always happy! She likes exchanging stories and loves to teach you Swahili. She knows a few Dutch words herself! Next to being an entrepreneur, Beatrice is also a mother. If you stay with her, you’ll be a ‘big’ sister or brother to her son, Baraka.

  • Elisabeth Joseph (19)

    In the beautiful and cosy house of Elisabeth and her family you’ll be taken care of. Every morning your sneakers will be waiting for you all shiny and clean. And what could be better than waking up to the sound of grunting pigs in the morning!

  • Godfrey Rogath (23)

    At Godfrey's, the animals are almost walking over you! There are chickens and little goats running around. He has his own wood processing company. He loves to show you the furniture that he makes! Fine pieces of craftsmanship!

  • Godfrey Safiel (22)

    This Godfrey lives with his parents and four sisters, who all love to have visitors from the Netherlands. If you like to dance and play games with them, you’ll have an amazing time at this family!

  • Irene Gerald (25)

    The house where Irene lives with her family, lies between beautiful banana trees. Do you want to know more about the Kilimanjaro? Irene’s dad used to be a guide on this big mountain, and loves to tell you all about it!

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