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Foundation Cross Your Borders
Contact: Kirsten Ursinus
E-mail: info@fairaway.nl
Phone: +31 610956180
CoC: 09144752
VAT: NL813742250.B01

Postal and visiting address:
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6534 AR Nijmegen, The Netherlands

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The provision of information towards the parents is really well-arranged, especially the daily travel reports.



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Frequently asked questions

  • Am I automatically insured while travelling with Fairaway?
    No, you are required to get a travel insurance yourself. Good travel insurances include medical costs, luggage, accidents, and emergency costs for approximately €3 a day. We advise insurance companies that are available 24/7, such as De Europeesche and Allianz Global Assistance.
  • Can I travel with a friend?
    While registering for one of our trips, you can indicate who you’d like to travel with. We will make sure that you will end up in the same group as your friend.
  • Is transportation taken care of once we arrive at our destination?
    Yes. During our stay there will be one or several drivers transporting our group from one place to another. These drivers are licensed and very experienced in driving around groups of people. We do not use any public transport during our trip unless it is part of the travel itinerary.
  • I don’t know anyone on my trip, will it be fun for me to join anyways?
    Most of the young people signing up for our trips don’t know anyone else in their group. Before departure, we organise a fun preparation day. Here, you’ll get to know your travel buddies and guides. Your parents are also invited to come along on this day.
  • Will First Aid be available during the trip?
    Yes. During every trip, at least one of our travel guides has a first aid/emergency response certificate and two first aid kits will constantly be available. If, for some reason, one of the participants is not able to participate in the programme, a travel guide will accompany him/her under all circumstances.
  • I don’t speak English very well, is that a problem?
    Both the local guides and our travel guides are fluent in English, and are always able to help out with translations.
  • Will travel guides be available during the whole trip?
    During the day trips and evening activities there will always be travel guides around. It is not permitted to go out on your own. While spending time with the host families with two or three participants, an adult will be present at all times. Travel guides will always be within 30 minute distance from our host families.
  • Is it possible to stay in touch with my parents or caretakers while I’m away?
    Every participant will receive a local sim card with sufficient data on it to contact home. These sim cards are also used to stay in touch with other participants and travel guides. In addition, we’ll send a daily update to all parents/caretakers by e-mail.
  • Do I need any vaccines before travelling?
    Before travelling with us it is important to check your local Health Authority, or licensed vaccination centres for health advise.
  • Do I have to take malaria medication while travelling with Fairaway?
    Before travelling with us it is important to check your local Health Authority, or licensed vaccination centres for health advise.
  • Where do we sleep during our trip?
    For several nights we will stay with host families in groups of two or three. These families are carefully selected by our local partners. Before the start of every trip these families are extensively checked to make sure they meet all safety criteria. Every participant will have access to a mattress and mosquito net if necessary. Boys and girls will sleep separately. We will also spend several nights at hostels or guest houses.
  • How big are the travel groups?
    The number of participants ranges from 8 to 20 people.
  • What do you eat during the trip?
    We will take care of three meals per day. In order to minimise risks for diseases, all vegetables and fruits will be peeled or cooked. For every participant we will provide at least two litres of fresh drinking water daily.