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The country

Suriname is on the north coast of South-America. It has 600.000 inhabitants, a lot less than the Netherlands! Nevertheless, the country is almost 4 times as big as The Netherlands, but the majority of Suriname is covered in a dense jungle! The country has a variety of cultures, religions and communities.

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Travel guide Fairaway

The travel itinerary

The trip to Suriname takes 9 days and takes place during the school holidays. Below you can read which activities we will do during each day. The itinerary is object to change and can change for every trip.

Day 1
In the morning we’ll leave the Netherlands. The flight takes about 9 hours, and the time difference is 5 hours. The drive from the airport to Paramaribo takes about an hour. The first night we’ll stay in a hostel so we can start our day all rested and well.

Day 2
After our first breakfast in Suriname, we’ll leave for Fort New Amsterdam. This is a defense fort, build by slaves and later used as a jail. There we’ll learn a lot about the history of Suriname. Later on, we’ll visit Pepperpot plantage, an old coffeefarm with a lot of squirrel monkeys. Back in Paramaribo we’ll go to the market and look for our dinner during a scavenger hunt. We prepare our dinner ourselves, guided by a real cook.

Day 3
Rise and shine! On the third day of our journey we head into the jungle. The drive to Boskamp is about two hours, where we visit a company that smokes fish. We’ll get a delicious Javanese lunch to enjoy on the boat. From Boskamp we’ll switch to a traditional Surinamese boot, a korjaal. There is also a lot to see on the boat: sloths, parrots, howler monkeys, you name it! Once we arrive in the village, we’ll meet our host families and join them for dinner and it will be our first night in the jungle.

Day 4 
After our first night, we will have breakfast with our host families. Afterwards, we join the local youth into the forest to get to know each other and experience life in the jungle. We gather tonight’s dinner and visit a traditional healer who’ll tell us all about the spirits, plants and herbs used for healings. In the evening we prepare our own dinner and play a game or two.

Day 5
Today we are going back to school. We’ll join the local children for a very special schoolday in the middle of the jungle. In the afternoon we’ll play a sportsmatch: The Netherlands vs. Suriname; let’s see who wins! Afterwards we’ll take a refreshing dive in the river. Who knows what animals we’ll see; after all, we’re still right in the middle of the jungle.

Day 6
We’ll have breakfast at the hostfamilies and go for a walk to their farmland where they produce their food. One of the things they grow is cassave and today we’re going to help them! In the afternoon we see how the cassave roots get transformed to bread and kasiri, a kind of beer. This is also the last night at our host families, so it's time to party! One last night filled with eating, dancing and music before we say goodbye. 

Day 7
Early in the morning we’ll say goodbye to the families and we’ll leave for Wageningen. No, we’re not flying back to the Netherlands just yet, there is also a village in Suriname called Wageningen. There are huge rice fields in this area. Back in the days ships came here to get filled up with rice for export. We’ll stay here for one night.

Day 8
After breakfast in Wageningen we’ll drive for about an hour to Coronie. In this district we’ll see the effects of deforestation on the land. There used to be big forests, but now erosion has caused the land to be taken away by the sea. This is very impressive to see. At our return in Paramaribo we’ll get a short tour through the city, but we'll also just relax since we have a long flight ahead of us! In the evening we’ll board the plane back home!

Day 9
After a special and unforgettable journey we arrive in the Netherlands. Now we can tell our family and friends all about our adventures.

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What does the trip cost?

The standard price of the 9-day trip to Suriname is €1.895, unless indicated otherwise. This price includes:

  • The ticket
  • 24/7 guidance
  • Local transportation
  • Overnight stays
  • 3 meals a day
  • Excursions and activities

What you have to take care of yourself:

  • Visa
  • Travel insurance
  • Vaccinations and medication
  • Personal expenses

Fairaway is part of a foundation. This means we don't strive for profit.

We try to keep the price as low as possible, to allow as many young people as possible to join our trips. But tickets, 24/7 guidance, activities, etcetera do cost money.

You can see how the price of the trip is established here.

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