"In Nepal you discover a totally different world. It's a very exciting journey!"


Travel guide

The country

Nepal is situated between India and China. The country is three times as big as the Netherlands and has around 30 million inhabitants. Nepal is a country of extremes. At less then 200 kilometres apart you’ll find mountains and a tropical climate. The majority of the inhabitants is Hindu. Therefore, you’ll find many temples. In 2015, Nepal was hit by a major earthquake and in 2017 it experienced heavy floods. During this trip you can see the devastating effects.

"Nepal is a dream destination. There is so much to see and experience!"


Travel guide

Travel itinerary

The trip to Nepal takes 9 days and takes place during the school holidays. Below you can read what we will do every day during the trip. The itinerary is object to change and can change for every trip.

Day 1
We fly out from an airport in the Netherlands, Belgium or the German Ruhr area. The flight to Nepal takes about 17 hours, depending on the airline. Due to the time difference, we’ll arrive in the morning or afternoon in the capital Kathmandu.

Day 2
We’re picked up by busses that will take us to the host families. We stay there in pairs or in threes. In the afternoon we’ll explore the city and leave for Pashupatinath, the most important Hindu temple, where cremations take place all day long. A very special experience. We’ll also visit the poorer parts and the slums of Kathmandu. At sunset we’ll go to the Buddhist temple of Bouddhanath, which looks amazing in the setting sun. In the evening we’ll get language lessons from our hosts families.

Day 3
After the first night and breakfast at our host families we’ll gather for a tour through Thamel, one of the touristic and entertainment district of Kathmandu. We’ll also visist Durbar Square, known for the many beautiful temples. We’ll also see the effects of the earthquake in 2015. We’ll go to Asan, the district of the working class. This district has many little streets, shops and a big market. Here, we’ll get the groceries for our dinner. We’ll cook for the host families and we’ll have an afterparty with Nepalese and Dutch music, dance and games!

Day 4
After breakfast we say goodbye to our host families and leave the city on a bus. On the way we’ll stop at a river for a nice swim. We’ll drive over winding roads through the mountains of Sindhupalchowk. We’ll stay here for the next few days on a farm. This is really back to basic: no electricity, no running water or even windows in the house! We’ll experience the real Nepalese village life.

Day 5
Today we’ll explore the Nepalese village. This means that we’ll go from village to village through the mountains. We’ll visit a school, a village clinic and play a sports match against the youth. We’ll also help on the farm of course!

Day 6
Early in the morning we’ll leave the village for a long trip to Chitwan National Park, one of the most beautiful wild life parks in Asia. The majority of this trip is on the bus, but we’ll also go swimming and rafting over the river along the way! The bus will pick us up afterwards. At the end of the afternoon we’ll arrive at a village on the edge of the park, where we’ll spend the night. In the evening we’ll go to a hilarious theatre show.


Day 7
In the morning we’ll leave for a jungle safari, accompanied by two local guids. You might think that we’ll take a car, but no. We’re going on foot! Will we come face to face with a rhino? In the afternoon we’ll make a trip in a canoe (read: hollowed tree trunk) over the river.. with crocodiles. This is definitely going to be the most exciting day of your life!

Day 8
In the morning we’ll take the bus back to the capital Kathmandu. In the afternoon we’ll visit DNC centre, where handicapped Nepalese children are taken care of. We’ll go to the cinema with them, where we’ll see a wonderful Bollywood movie. In the evening we’ll rest for a bit and prepare for our trip to the Netherlands.

Day 9
Filled with impressions and new experiences we’ll arrive in the Netherlands to tell our parents, brothers, sisters and friends all about our unforgettable trip!


"I saved money for this trip by clearing out attics of my family and selling the things on flea markets."

Daisy (14 years old)


What does the trip cost?

The standard price of the 9-day trip to Nepal is €1.895, unless indicated otherwise. This price includes:

  • The ticket
  • 24/7 guidance
  • Local transportation
  • Overnight stays
  • 3 meals a day
  • Excursions and activities
  • Sim card with internet

What you have to take care of yourself:

  • Visa
  • Travel insurance
  • Vaccinations and medication
  • Personal expenses

Fairaway is part of a foundation. This means we don't strive for profit.

We try to keep the price as low as possible, to allow as many youngsters as possible to join our trips. But tickets, 24/7 guidance, activities, etcetera do cost money.

You can see how the price of the trip is established here.

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