"In Nepal you discover a totally different world. It's a very exciting journey!"


Travel guide

The country

Nepal is situated between India and China. The country is three times as big as the Netherlands and has around 30 million inhabitants. Nepal is a country of extremes. At less then 200 kilometres apart you’ll find mountains and a tropical climate. The religion of the majority of the inhabitants is Hinduism. Therefore, you’ll find many temples. In 2015, Nepal was hit by a major earthquake and in 2017 it experienced heavy floods. During this trip you can see the devastating effects.

"Nepal is a dream destination. There is so much to see and experience!"


Travel guide

Travel itinerary

The trip to Nepal takes 9 days and takes place during the school holidays. Below you can read which activities we'll do during each day. The itinerary is object to change and can change for every trip.

Day 1
We fly out from an airport in the Netherlands, Belgium or the German Ruhr area. The flight to Nepal takes about 17 hours, depending on the airline. Due to the time difference, we’ll arrive in the morning or afternoon in the capital Kathmandu.

Day 2
We’re picked up by the bus that will take us to the host families. We stay at our host families with two or three people. We start with a lunch at the Women Centre. In the afternoon we’ll explore the village and buy all the ingredients for the momo workshop, a typical Nepalese dish. Together with our host families we'll prepare the momos and sleep there for the first time..

Day 3
After the first night, we'll have breakfast at our host families. We'll start the day with a Nepalese language class, our first Nepalese words! After this, we'll visit the local primary school and play sports with the children. In the afternoon we'll discover the centre of Kathmandu: the Buddha stupa, Kathmandu Valley and Pashunpatinath. After the tour, we'll go back to our host families for dinner.


Day 4
After breakfast we say goodbye to our host families and leave for Circus Kathmandu. We'll have a workshop and meet the group of children who work in the circus. Unfortunately, they have been victims of child trafficing. Right now, they are working all together at the circus. After the circus, we'll leave for Pharsiguan, the pumpkin village. We'll meet the new host families. We'll visit a school, clinic and play badminton with the local children. This village is really back to basic: no electricity, no running water or even windows in the house! We’ll experience the real Nepalese village life.

Day 5
This morning we'll spend some time with our host families and visit the brick factories. Maybe we can help the local people with their work. Today we'll leave for the beach resort. On the way we'll go rafting and swimming to spend some time on the water instead of in the bus. We'll sleep in little tents on the beach and prepare our own dinner.

Day 6
Early in the morning we’ll leave to Chitwan National Park, one of the most beautiful wildlife parks in Asia. We'll discover the national park with a hike along the edge of the park. In the evening we’ll go to a hilarious theatre show, a real experience.


Day 7
In the morning we’ll leave for a jungle safari, accompanied by two local guides. You might think we’ll go by car, but we're going by foot! Will we come face to face with a rhino? In the afternoon we’ll make a trip in a canoe (read: hollowed tree trunk) over the river.. with crocodiles. This is definitely going to be the most exciting day of your life! After the morning trip, we'll travel to the women entrepeneur group. They will learn us a traditional Nepalese dance and we'll teach us how to make paper out of elephant dump. What a day!

Day 8
In the morning we’ll take the bus back to the capital Kathmandu. On the way we can enjoy the beautiful nature of Nepal. Once in Kathmandu, we'll meet our host families again and discover the city a little bit more. Time for our final night in Nepal...

Day 9
Filled with impressions and new experiences we’ll arrive in the Netherlands to tell our parents, brothers, sisters and friends all about our unforgettable trip!


"I saved money for this trip by clearing out attics of my family and selling the things on flea markets."

Daisy (14 years old)


What does the trip cost?

The standard price of the 9-day trip to Nepal is €1.895, unless indicated otherwise. This price includes:

  • The ticket
  • 24/7 guidance
  • Local transportation
  • Overnight stays
  • 3 meals a day
  • Excursions and activities
  • Sim card with internet

What you have to take care of yourself:

  • Visa
  • Travel insurance
  • Vaccinations and medication
  • Personal expenses

Fairaway is part of a foundation. This means we don't strive for profit.

We try to keep the price as low as possible, to allow as many young people as possible to join our trips. But tickets, 24/7 guidance, activities, etcetera do cost money.

You can see how the price of the trip is established here.

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