"No matter how much you learn about the world through books and documentaries, you learn the most by experiencing it yourself."


Travel guide Fairaway

Short experience trips

Our main goal is to organise an unforgettable trip, each and every time. The Fairaway trips have 3 pillars:  
Cultural exchange
We will stay with local host families for a part of the trip. We will eat, sleep and shower there, and therefore get to experience their daily life. We’ll learn from each other in all kinds of ways. The guides and drivers are all locals, which means we’ll go to places where tourists normally don’t come. 
Informative excursions 
We think it is important for youngsters to become aware of issues surrounding poverty and injustice during their trip. That’s why we go on impressive excursions like seeing a clinic, touring a slum or visiting a fair trade plantation. 
Fun activities 
But of course a trip should also be great fun! That’s why we make sure to incorporate a lot of fun activities, such a safari, a jungle walk, a cooking workshop, a sporting match and a comedy night.

"The goal of our educational projects and trips is to let youngsters look beyond their borders in a playful manner, and let them explore the world."


Director foundation Cross Your Borders


Fairaway is a part of foundation Cross Your Borders. We have been organising multi-day, interactive teaching projects about themes surrounding poverty and injustice in the world for over 15 years at schools for lower vocational education, higher general secondary education and pre-university education throughout the Netherlands and Flanders. About 250 schools and 40.000 pupils participate in these projects on a yearly basis. Since 2015 we have also been organising short experience trips under the name Fairaway. In the meantime, we have organised over 20 trips to Tanzania & Kenya, Surinam, Nepal and Ghana.

Our team exists of 15 young professionals, supplemented by a group of interns from intermediate and higher vocational education, as well as academic education. The travel guides are well educated young people between 22 and 33 years old (see below). They have vast experience travelling to distant countries and guiding groups of youngsters.

Kirsten (26)

Active since: 2017


Countries: Tanzania, Kenya, Suriname, Nepal, Ghana, Sri Lanka, United States, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, and many European countries.


“For me, travelling creates unforgettable life experiences and beautiful memories. Participating in a local culture with local people is the most fun thing to do!”

Roel (34)
Travel guide

Active since: 2010


Countries: Tanzania, Kenya, Turkey, Cambodia, Thailand, and many European countries like Scotland, Poland, and Hungary.


“When I’m travelling I love to see and experience as much as I can: From climbing trees and scuba diving, to sightseeing beautiful buildings and tasting local dishes!”

Madelon (31)
Travel guide

Active since: 2012


Countries: Tanzania, Canada, South Africa, United States, Nepal and many European countries like Bosnia, Hungary, and Montenegro.


“I always have fun preparing my trips by researching all the different places of interest and country facts!”

Juul (30)
Travel guide

Active since: 2012


Countries: Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, China, Thailand, Singapore, United States, and many European countries.


“Every single time I am surprised how hospitable and welcoming people are across the globe!”

Chantal (31)
Travel guide

Active since: 2014


Countries: Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Bolivia, Nicaragua and European countries.


“While travelling I always enjoy visiting local villages and to go on tours with small, personal companies to experiences the local life.”

Laura (28)
Travel guide

Active since: 2015


Countries: Tanzania, Indonesia, Canada, Sri Lanka, Ghana and many European countries like Norway, Switzerland, and Hungary.


“I am a true adventurer and love to go climbing and camping in the mountains. Enjoying the camp fire and playing guitar!”

Lotte (26)
Travel guide

Active since: 2018


Countries: Tanzania, Kenya, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Dubai, South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland and European countries.


''I am really curious about life on the other side of the world, how people live and what the surroundings look like.'

Esmée (27)
Travel guide

Active since: 2018

Countries: Tanzania, Kenya, Australia, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Morocco, USA, Dominican Republic, Russia and many European countries.

''Traveling for me is getting to know new people who look at the world differently and by that learn more about myself as well.'' 

Sarah (25)
Travel guide

Active since: 2018


Countries: Suriname, Cuba, Colombia, Canada, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Qatar and many in Europe. 


''Travelling is a big adventure for me. I think it is really cool to meet people from other cultures and visit the most unknown places.''

Berttina (28)
Travel guide

Active since: 2019

Countries: Tanzania, Kenya, Indonesia en many European countries.


"For me, travelling is like tuna in sushi; You can live without it, but once you've tasted it, you never want different.''

Klara (26)
Travel guide

Active since: 2019

Countries: Tanzania, Kenya, United States, Thailand, Laos, India, Curaçao and many European countries.

"Travelling gives me so much energy. Nothing can replace the unique experiences gained while travelling!"

Sanne (25)
Travel guide

Active since: 2019

Countries: United States, Cuba and many European countries like Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.


"I am really interested in other cultures and I think that you can only experience this by walking around in a country and talk with the locals."

Charissa (22)
Travel guide

Active since: 2017

Countries: Thailand, Macedonia and other European countries.


"What I like about travelling is that my habits are not the same as their habits. I enjoy to experience these differences and to adapt myself to their culture!"

Tina (27)
Travel guide

Active since: 2019

Countries: Thailand, Bali, Curacao, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and many European countries.

"You get out of your comfort zone during travelling. That's why I've learned a lot and enjoy to go on every new adventure.''