Sanne (16)


"We got such a warm welcome! "

Unique accommodation

It was pretty exciting to spend the night with people you have never met before in a strange country, in a house that is far less luxurious than my own. But it was awesome! Everyone was super friendly. Every night, my ‘sisters’ were dancing in the room and we joined them every time. When we had to say goodbye, they gave us family photos as a memory for us to take home. I will never forget them! 
- Sanne, participant


A trip to a developing country is an incredible experience, but can also come with certain risks. Therefore, safety is our top priority. We try to limit risks by setting strict requirements for our host families, food and drinks, and local bus drivers. Every group is accompanied by experienced Dutch travel guides. On site, we are hosted by local guides who are familiar with the environment and local population.

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Timo (17)


"When do you ever get the chance to go on a school trip to such an impressive country?!"

Geography class in Africa

Super nice, educational, adventurous, amazing experience. Unique from the beginning until the end. I would like to do it again!

- Timo, participant


Distant travels cost a lot of money. We find it important to be open and honest about the way the price is constructed, so you can see where your money is going. Furthermore, we want to help you think of ways to earn and collect money for your trip. 

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"It was wonderful to receive a daily travel update. We enjoyed reading all of them! "


We understand that it can be quite exciting for parents when their child goes abroad. Therefore we believe it is important that they are continuously well-informed, both before and during the trip. We ensure this by organising a preparation day for the whole group and by providing daily travel updates. 

About Fairaway

Fairaway is a part of the Cross Your Borders foundation. Our aim is to increase global awareness amongst youngsters. With our trips we are letting them experience what it’s like to live in a developing country. 

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